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Whereas the mindful live in unearned warmth

And dreadful exist in the unfulfilled day

The balanced hold firm

daunted but upright


Firm in the middle

where compassion remains unfazed


Whereas the silly are the nutrients

of the planets Emotional Sustainability


And purest are the ones

who can love the upright and the gritty


Which brings us to you

You baby, you

Glowing right through

Is you baby, you


Whereas envy's useless hatred is like an internal treason

And insecurity is the root of all the world's demons

This world's pain, often without reason


Let's be honest, size only mattered

when she saw the  way he treated others


Where they’ve sold us on the era of vilification

No one can breathe without someone else seeing


And they’ve told us we’re all victims

And they’ve told they’re all heroes

And they’ve got us revved against each other

Just to dance the ones and zeros


Yet you, you baby you

Glowing right through


Is you baby,


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