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poem by David N. Donihue


The hippies later became selfish and isolated


The punks lost their look and style and

without the branding, they just appeared bitter


The Christian Kids who were once judgmental

slowly morphed to softened adults


The Young Converts did the opposite

Shielding themselves from regret with accusatory eyes


The Jocks stayed jocks with subtle morphing

The joyess and boyish gave birth to the same.

The insecure and arrogant split into a million subchapters 

From those striving for happiness

To those simply avoiding misery


The pretty girls changed on the outside

Many remained the same within

But some mistakenly let the outer trash the inner

And the boys just pretended they couldn’t relate

The rock bands slowly but surely turned on each other


Revealing they were jocks all along

Genuineness was once to admit misery

And later the focus on the opposite

Would be the only thing that keeps us genuine

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